Hello I’m Stela Ahau

Welcome to Zero Point Awakening, in this place I share everything that is relevant to our evolution as human beings, you see, in my path of self-healing I have discovered a lot of key knowledge to improve in various areas of my life, and I have also had the opportunity to help many people like teacher or healing therapist.

Based on this path, I have chosen the best, the most powerful, which is really the key to helping us physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Some of my training:

Reconnective healer and the Reconnection facilitator

Munay Ki the nine fire initiations of the Andean world

Universal and Andean Shamanism

Zhineng Qi Gong International Instructor

Eicosanoids and decrease of the inflammation

Reiki Master


Trophology – Correct combination of foods

Lucid dreaming

Healing massage


Healing with Songs and Drum

and much more

Through this space, I will tell you the stories that I have lived and how they can serve as a guide for you on your path of evolution and healing.


Warmly, Stela Ahau

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