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Welcome to the 4life Manufacturing facility completed in December 2015 this plant was built to support the best possible way the production of millions of 4life products that this company sells each year, their ongoing commitment to offer you the best products happens here. You will see technology innovation, technology, and safeguards that are used to make sure you receive quality products to share with your family and customers.

A team of 4life employees participates in the creation of the 4life products that you consume and sell, the plant was built with enough space to be expanded and thus continue to support the growth of worldwide sales. The employees are trained to follow good manufacturing practices that help maintain the quality of the products.Each month thousands of pounds of raw materials come from all over the world to be delivered in the area of the receiving department.

Each ingredient is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards. These high standards help them to endorse the 4life products with the seal of certified transfer factor every day. Up to 75 ingredient samples are sent to the quality laboratories to be tested and all ingredients are held until tests end.

After being tested and processed ingredients are stored until ready to be used, the ingredients must be kept cold are stored in cold temperatures, the operators of batches use a master record of the manufacture of the recipe of the product for determining the measures to use. All results are verified and tested before being mixed, the innovative mixing machines have the ability to sift and mix the ingredients. Each month are mixed between 15 and 40 thousand kilograms of ingredients, after each mix, the machine is disassembled completely and each individual part is cleaned and disinfected, This step ensures the integrity of each product formula.

After being mixed and served the product is ready to be encapsulated, the encapsulation machines
produce between 50,000 and 100,000 capsules per hour or up to 50 million capsules a month. During the process, the operators constantly monitor the weight of each capsule and perform a visual quality test following a specific schedule. When the capsules are ready is time to pack, they operate two lines separated from packing at the same time making it possible to fill from 60 to 100 bottles per minute or more than a million bottles per month. Packaging lines are monitored constantly to ensure the quality of the 4life products and to ensure that you are receiving the exact amount of product in each bottle.

Which 4life Transfer Factor Product is Right for you?

Once the product passes the final test is ready to be sent to the 4life affiliates and clients around the world. They build this production plant with the latest technology as part of our long-term commitment with you, and with your success, and they will continue to search for new ways to improve the quality of the 4life products and the practices of manufacturing so you can deliver the best of the best to your family and clients, this latter endevour is just the beginning.

Completed in December 2015, the 4Life Manufacturing Facility gives us start-to-finish control over many 4Life products. Watch this video for an inside look at the innovation, technology, and safety features of this state-of-the-art facility.

Since 1998, 4Life Research® has brought you the best quality products available to support your immune system and overall health. We are committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery, with products to help you lead a healthy life.*

4Life product formulations are developed through research and a commitment to the utmost quality and efficacy.

The Certified 4Life Transfer Factor® guarantee ensures the identity, purity, strength, and composition of every 4Life Transfer Factor product that you consume.

When you feel healthy, you can live your best possible life. To do this, you need a vigilant immune system. That’s why people are making the smart choice with 4Life Transfer Factor products.

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