The Chant to Water in Fire Ceremony

shamanic chant to water in fire ceremony

The songs to the water in the fire ceremony are used to soften and make the fire sacred, so that the people who participate in the ceremony can approach it without burning, making it friendly, warm, and comforting.

For this purpose, the subsoil waters are called, they are extolled and recognized through this chant and they are called, invoked so that their spirit cames and merges with fire and then this fire can become a special, sacred fire in which we can approach to transmute our wounds and from which we can receive comfort and light. This allows a very peculiar space to open in which we can be closer to the fire and surrounded by the spirit of the waters we can flow with it without fear.

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In this particular case, we use this song of Eskimo origin to make our call to the waters.

Nitche Tai Tai

En Yu Uai

Oro Nika

Oro Nika

Hey Hey

Hey Hey

Oooo ai


Oh great mother

Mother of the Waters

We call you

Waters that gave birth to us

Waters in our sustenance

Waters that cleanse us in our death

Waters of life

This song can be done with the voice alone or accompanied by instruments, preferably those that evoke the sound of the waters such as rain sticks, rattles, “llama aguas” rattles, shamanic drumming, etc., and can be used both in a personal fire ceremony and in a group ceremony with a wood fire.

Remember the most important thing is your intention … the legend says that the purest heart shamans could stay with their hands in the fire for a long time without burning because their heart was in harmony with this element and the waters.


With Love,

Stela Ahau

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