Shine Anthem: Performed by Latonius and the Freedom Singers

From the first moment on when you were born, your light came down the earth to shine a shimmery. You cannot turn . We will shine for the people, we will shine for the world. We will shine for each other. We will shine for freedom, forevermore. It’S ready to change now’s the time to go and build your legacy. The more you give the more you will receive. We will shine for all the people we will sign for the world.

We will sign for each other, and we say with all our grace forever:  our light will cross all borders. It will unite cultures, it will reach into every corner of this planet. You are a lighthouse and your light will guide.

Thousands of people into happiness and an abundance of freedom, freedom with for life for all our children, grace, will last forever forevermore forever. You

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