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puma fredy quispe singona course online andean shamanic rituals

It was known by our ancestors for thousands of years that the cycles on mother earth about the feminine and the masculine polarity change, both in time and in space, and there are times when the masculine needs to be completely awake, there are times when the feminine needs to be completely awake and both times happen to bring balance and equilibrium, and also even geographically throughout our planet those feminine and masculine polarities shift, and they change like they would change in our own body like they would change in our own uh life.

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Even in 2007, the holiness Dalai lama, when he visited Peru, he said that the energy of the Himalayas has moved to the Andes and from where it was masculine it has moved to the Andes and it became feminine, and this was shared by him in 2007, part of our living culture and our living tradition is to tell the prophecies and the legends of our ancestors in those prophecies they speak of a time when limited consciousness is arriving to its end and superior consciousness arrives at our planet as if a new program, as if new information, new perspectives, new vibration of the energy reaches our whole planet, that will be the rising of the sacred feminine.

And in that time, not only we have no choice but to catch up with this awakening of the sacred feminine divine polarity, but also as men, especially as a medicine man we need to support. We need to bless. We need to honor this sacred process of the divine rising of celebrating the divine feminine.

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So we are in these times right now. Our myths and legends speak of Pacha mama, taking us all her children throughout the planet to access a different consciousness, a different mindset, a different frequency of our hearts, where we will be more caring, more loving, more present, as those are the main essences of The divine feminine a mother like, for example, when we talk about our Pleiades constellation when she returns to our southern hemisphere in the journey of the constellations and she journeys around six months being fully present in our southern sky, another six months being only seen temporarily. We are right now celebrating that we can connect with this powerful goddess with this powerful feminine essence of the cosmos of the universe, to call on for support, for guidance, and for connection to this sacred divine feminine.

In quechua this consternation was called Kolkam and kolka is grammatically translated as storehouse as granaries places, where they used to store seeds and in ancient times seeds were representing wealth. Seeds were representing abundance wherever you traveled wherever you went, the best gift you could take from your land to the land of your neighbors was seeds because it represented the continuity of life. It represented abundant nutrition, abundant strength and vitality.

So, for this reason our ancestors saw these stars of the pleiades constellation as granaries as a storehouses of everything and anything that you need abundantly in life always so nowadays, in these times, we can access these sacred storehouses, where there is abundant storage of love, well-being, harmony, Wisdom,  inner peace, anything that we need is abundantly stored in these storehouses in this Kolkas, each star of the Pleiades is known as sacred storage of specific essences, specific elements that we need in life in order to live happy in order to live very well, in order to be of the best service, whatever that you need, we always have access by connecting with this sacred goddess when we are aware of this acknowledgment and honoring of this divine feminine racing is the best opportunity for us to connect with these cosmic origins and bring through the Seven rays through these kanji’s illa, we call it in quechua, Through these seven rays, we can bring abundant blessings for ourselves for our family, for our community, just by accessing rituals just in ceremony to help our family, our community and in that way become a medicine man, a medicine, woman, a guardian, a guide for our whole Global community

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Do you find yourself in search of greater clarity, meaning, and purpose in these unfamiliar days?

The good news is that these strange times can also inspire us to finally step into our life’s mission.

In times of crisis, you can grow, evolve, and be reborn — as you realize who you truly are, and transcend what you may perceive as limitations.

According to Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, at our core we’re all seeds, planted by none other than the Cosmos — and these times are our invitation to finally go through our powerful sprouting process…

Puma will share the Andean story of the hummingbird and the condor  — and explain how it illustrates the ways we’re all being called to become part of a new consciousness and new humanity…

… in Andean Shamanic Rituals to Transform Darkness Into Light Energy: Glimpse Your Place in the Cosmos in an Empowering “Legend of the Hummingbird” Meditation.

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In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover: 

  • Puma’s powerful and illuminating prayer blessing for these days of uncertainty
  • How ancient Andrean rituals can help you transform heavy energy into light energy, no matter what else is happening in the world
  • How to integrate high-frequency sami energy into your life
  • How your spiritual journey unfolds in sacred time and sacred space, as you’re in constant co-creation with your cosmic family — your timeless ancestral lineage
  • An empowering hummingbird meditation — inspired by the legend of the condor and the hummingbird that Puma will be sharing

As Puma will explain, transformation is unfolding even now, because you’re always in the middle of a sacred ceremony. In fact, your life is meant to be a continuous ritual of love and gratitude. 

It’s time to learn to master the art of transformation and liberation, and the transmission of energy…

During this powerful hour, Puma will share how Andean rituals that once facilitated this process for our ancestors can become part of your life too.

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puma fredy quispe singona course online

P.S. In Andean Shamanic Rituals to Transform Darkness Into Light Energy: Glimpse Your Place in the Cosmos in an Empowering “Legend of the Hummingbird” Meditation, you’ll discover how timeless Andean rituals can reveal your place among the family of the Cosmos — and the transformation we’ve been called to as we witness the powerful shifts on our planet.

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