Over 40 Keto Solution UNBIASED Review – Can this make keto work for you?

over 40 keto solution review

Many people are finding success with the traditional keto diet, unfortunately, completely eliminating all carbs, fruits, and cheat foods on a ketogenic diet can be a disaster for the over 40 metabolism and hormones, so the number one rule of the keto diet to eliminate almost all carbs can be a challenge especially for those in their 40’s, 50’s or more because for them the symptoms of the transition to keto lifestyle can be very intense, in fact, these symptoms have a nickname called “the keto flu” and as I said this can be worse as we are older, that is where “Over 40 Keto Solution” came into the scene, proposing an interesting alternative called carb cycling, but does this have scientific backing? can this 7-day blueprint really help you to make keto easy for you with real results? Keep reading this “Over 40 Keto Solution Review”  to have all the information.

What is over 40 Keto Solution? 

Over 40 Keto solution is a detailed seven-day Keto carb cycling blueprint, mainly designed to help people over 40’s to recover health and lose weight. Their alternative point of view is mainly focused on hormonal balance, inflammation reduction, healthy cholesterol levels, brain health, and, as a result, attain the melt of those stubborn fat deposits in your body, even 7 pounds every 7 days!

The process also takes into account how stressful it can be to get rid of the carbs from the diet, so it includes steps more balanced to eliminate the negative keto-flu side effects and also supports the reductions of sugar cravings so you can stay in the program for longer with good effects.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates 

How we can know that this is trustworthy?

One of the main things to take into account to know if this program is serious is to know its creator, and for Over 40 Keto Solution one of the creators is Shaun Hadsall, back in 1998 he won the prize of 1st Runner-Up Champion of a body transformation contest beating other twenty thousand competitors from all over the world. Since then he began his path to become a health and fitness coach especially for people over the ’40s, his success has to lead him to be a 5-time best-selling author, who has been featured on ESPN, Oxygen, Muscle Media, and the New York Times Bestsellers list.

But he is not alone, his wife Karen is also the co-creator of the program, Both have won the best-selling nutrition award 4 times, they’re certified exercise technologists and their passion is to help adults achieve peak wellness.

Also, a very good reference is that they are very healthy and look very well at their 60’s! That’s important to mention here in this Over 40 Keto Solution Review.

 over 40 keto solution testimony results

How Does the Over 40 Keto Solution Works?

As we said the main feature of this program is Carb cycling: the practice of consuming varying quantities of carbohydrates on specific days and times, something that people find very useful to keep in shape even with the challenge of age.

So, what exactly is it? The concept is fairly simple. On some days, you keep your carb intake low, and other days you go balls to the wall with all the carby goodness. Protein and fat intake can vary but can stay relatively the same each day.

This can be related to your activity days. On the days you’re resting more carb intake is low. And for example on days you make exercise, you ramp up your carb to either moderate or heavy intake respective to moderate or heavy training.

So, what exactly is the benefit of doing this? On a weight loss diet, you’ll typically be eating at a caloric deficit every single day for months. The problem with this is that long deficits will ultimately lead to drops in metabolic functions to the point where your initial calorie deficit is now your maintenance point and weight loss comes to a halt, anabolic hormones will drop, catabolic hormones will rise. Fewer calories are burned, muscle tissue is at risk of wasting away, and, although fat loss initially rises, it ultimately diminishes as your metabolism drops.

Kind of a crappy position to be in considering that the reason you’ve been eating less in the first place is to avoid this exact issue. And that’s when carb cycling comes in. By cycling high surplus carb days into your schedule, you can fend off metabolic slowdown caused by a calorie deficit by re-setting the catabolic state of the body with the added carbs, and more importantly, added calories, shifting things into an anabolic state.

On top of that, extra carbs mean more glucose and insulin in the bloodstream, providing more energy for workouts if you wish. Extra insulin will also mean higher amino acid intake to the muscle cells, helping you fend off muscle breakdown.

And bonus points when you train on the same day because training will boost muscle protein synthesis, meaning the extra carbs and nutrients will promote muscle growth. And since you will be going back to a low-carb state very soon, insulin levels will drop and you prevent storing too much fat.

The end result is that on rest days, you’re maximizing weight and fat loss with a calorie and carbohydrate deficit. On other days, you’re maximizing muscle growth with a calorie and carbohydrate surplus.

Shaun Hadsell has simplified and improved this concept and turned it into a weekly blueprint step by step with an easy-to-use three-step process. All while resetting your body’s, fat-burning hormone every week, no calories, no overwhelming weight. No strict rules, no complicated rules to follow. Just repeat this cycle: until you reach your ideal weight.

A seven-day cycle is specially designed to get all the benefits of keto without any hormonal depletion

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Who is Over 40 Keto Solution for?

  • People over 40’s with the goal of losing weight and maintain muscle
  • People with aching joints
  • People with Inadequate Growth Hormone levels due to overweight
  • People with Sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss)
  • People with an unbalanced cortisol cycle (increased belly fat hormone)
  • Diabetic people
  • People with non-responsive thyroid 
  • Women with Menopausal Symptoms Such As “Hot Flashes,” Vaginal Dryness, Insomnia Or Depression
  • People who have experienced A Drop In Your Libido, Sexual Desire, Or Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

What does over 40 Keto Include?

In this Over 40 Keto Solution Review we can tell you that this program provides you with all tips and practical tips you will need to succeed like grocery shopping lists, tricks, meal plan samples, cheat sheets, checklists, and all the information you need to understand the powerful principles of this simple blueprint, and all that is organized in sections so you can find everything fast and go to the information you need quickly.

All the hard work is done for you and you also get lots of information with scientific studies and articles, and you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The program also includes several different graphs tables.

You will get 7-day, keto, carb, cycling, blueprint, the keto plateau, Buster meal plan, kitchen prep, and restaurant cheat sheets, keto solution, Quick, Start checklist, belly, bloat elimination

The design of the program makes it easy to follow the recommendations and steps, and the blueprint has six components: 

  1. The main 7 days Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint, and the bonuses
  2. Keto Plateau Buster Meal Plan
  3. Kitchen Prep & Restaurant Cheat Sheets
  4. Quick Start Checklist
  5. Belly Bloat Elimination Tricks
  6. Kick-Start Results Accelerator Coaching Call

The last 5 elements are Bonuses and we will explain more about them in the next section.

On the main 7 days Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint they will introduce you to three main rules that you have to follow to transform your body into a fat-melting machine:

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #1: You must increase ketone production

To have a plan to eat foods with a great amount of fat at certain times boosts your body’s ketone manufacturing. This will boost fat-burning in the stomach region automatically and also decrease inflammation levels to protect your body from fatal conditions. The e-book will provide you with 2 simple approaches that will assist you to improve ketone production. These 2 approaches are a lot easier as well as much more practical to follow than trying to stay in constant ketosis.

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #2: You must intentionally eat more hormone-boosting high-carb foods

You need to purposefully consume more high-carb foods that can improve your hormone balance- Most of the foods restricted on the routine keto diet plan are precisely what your body requires to reconstruct and also produce fat-burning hormones effectively. All you require to do is make sure that you eat them at particular times every week to improve thyroid functions as well as leptin hormonal agents. This, in turn, protects against slow metabolism and resets your fat-burning hormonal agents. You have to take into account that if you remain in your 40s, 50s, as well as 60s the “when you eat” is equally as crucial as “what you consume”. This book shares the method behind this idea, coined nowadays as Keto Carb-Cycling Days.

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #3: You must flatline your body’s #1 fat-storage hormone insulin

You need to flatline your body’s # 1 fat-storage hormonal agent insulin. The approach here is that if you pair your foods with each other properly, you will stabilize the sugar levels in your blood, then taking control of insulin. This will increase your energy power degree, protecting against fat storage, and also educate your body to be in a “fat-burning setting” 24/7. When you maintain insulin away, your body starts to rapidly-produce ketone molecules once more after consuming hormone-boosting, high-carb foods.

Having these three rules clear then you will need to know shat are the food combinations that you need to stay away from. For example, when it is time to eat a high-carb hormone-boosting dish, it is important to maintain your fat intake listed below 20 grams. 

This is because although we know that:

  •  Insulin can be extremely anabolic
  • And can help to enhance your fat-burning hormonal agents 
  • And also increase glycogen synthesis leading to obtaining lean muscle

Insulin will certainly play its duty by saving excess fat if excessive fat exists in the bloodstream. That is why we will need a guide to have an adequate combination of fat and sugar and that is what we learn in the program.

This 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint supplies you with a daily meal strategy summary, meal examples, and the regular guidelines you must abide by. And I love that it explains how you can increase the ketone production in your body with recurring fasting, stating 2 easy intermittent fasting standards that you can implement to accomplish this. 

In this 7 day blueprint, you will discover a very useful chart that provides the basic guidelines to comply with to ramp up ketone particle production when you plan your meals daily.

Weight Loss Supplements Which Have Helped Many People Lose Weight

Key Note: They include a section about intermittent fasting

Most people think that missing a morning meal will make you experience appetite, lose muscle mass, as well as your metabolic process will reduce, however in truth, scientific research study points to the contrary. 

That is why the 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint has a section on intermittent fasting: this gives you a detailed report about the impressive benefits for your body that occurs when you make use of periodic fasting. Such benefits include:

  • Enhanced manufacturing of ketone particles (in charge of coaxing your liver as well as body to utilize saved fat for gas).
  • Boosted Development Hormonal agent production (responsible for enhanced fat loss, dealing with the aging process, boost libido, and also preventing muscle loss).
  • Enhanced Adrenaline degrees (adrenaline exchanges hormones called catecholamines, which are responsible for launching stored fat cells into your blood-stream so they can be provided to functioning muscular tissues and melted as fuel).
  • Reduced insulin degrees (when insulin is persistently raised rises fat storage as well as your danger for insulin resistance, which can bring about diabetes).
  • Enhanced ghrelin degrees (this hormone assists remove cravings and also yearnings).
  • Enhanced Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).
  • Enter into Autophagy State (internal cellular cleansing, which has actually been revealed to decrease inflammation levels, battle against creating cancer cells, and also even Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Increased neurotransmitters (these mind hormones help increase emphasis as well as psychological quality).
  • Decreased emotional attachment to eating constantly (every few hours) helping boost your partnership with food.
  • A much deeper spirituality and enhanced relationship with Divinity (if you’re a believer, fasting reveals that you are relying upon divinity for all your requirements– rather than consuming food every few hours).

Alcohol Guide

This area likewise provides info on what you should consume alcohol during recurring fasting, ketone-producing morning meal treats, food demands, and also the ideal serving dimensions. A good point for this Over 40 Keto Solution Review.

over 40 keto solution bonuses

Over 40 Keto Solution Review – Bonuses:

These $149 worth of bonuses are free as a thank you gift with your order

Bonus #1: The Keto Plateau-Buster Meal Plan

Overcome Diet Adaptation & Break Your Weight-Loss Plateaus. This will help you to avoid stagnation in your diet and results. They have compiled here all you need to overcome this into a step-by-step 7-day meal plan to eliminate your weight loss sticking points.

Bonus #2: Kitchen Prep & Restaurant Cheat Sheets

Do you prepare your meals at home? or rather eat outside almost all the time? Don’t worry this bonus guide will prepare you for every scenario including any type of restaurant.

Bonus #3: Quick Start Checklist

Plan out your first week in as little as 15 minutes, get started, and begin optimizing your hormones now without wasting your time on the prior planning. All done!

Bonus #4: Belly Bloat ELIMINATION Tricks

11 Evidence-Based Ways To Banish Belly Bloat & Eliminate Water Retention

Bonus #5: Kick-Start Results Accelerator Coaching Call

One-on-one verbal communication with one of their certified coaches. This is a great bonus because since it is a virtual product also you can have personal communication and this is a sign of how they really care about the customers and that they really want you to succeed.

Over 40 Keto Solution Pricing and Coupon Discount

The program’s final price is $79.

But through this link you can get a 50usd off discount, and this will be automatically added when you add the program to the cart: COUPON

coupon over 40 keto solution


The creators are so sure about the results and they are willing to help you to make it work for you with personal communication that they are giving one year of warranty.

Only through this link:

“If your family doesn’t notice your weight loss… your glowing skin… your newfound confidence and radiance… you don’t pay a dime.”

In fact, they gives you three guarantees:

  • #1 ANY Person OVER 40 Can Use The OVER 40 Keto Solution. Without exception, it works for everybody. Within the first few weeks your clothes will feel looser, your friends and family will start to take notice, and you’ll feel years younger.
  • #2 Quick Results That Last. Even though your belly fat will “shrink” quickly, the best part is how the health of your metabolism, your blood sugar, and your heart will skyrocket.
  • #3 The BEST Customer Service in the Industry. the FASTEST, most courteous customer service in the industry, the team will answer ANY and EVERY question you have within 24 to 48 hours. How cool right?

Pros -Over 40 Keto Solution Review

  • The most important pro for me is that they provide personal communication, they answer all your questions and you have unlimited access to their support team.
  • Gives support to hormone balance
  • Can give an alternative to limit carbs consumption in a friendlier way
  • Eliminate the annoying keto-flu effect
  • Easy to use seven-day weekly cycle
  • Cheat meals, desserts and detailed alcohol guide
  • For those that also struggle with plateaus or have trouble sticking to their current diet, then giving carb cycling a chance might be worth it.
  • You can get all the benefits of regular Keto without so much risk.
  • Studies show that, if you are on a diet that focuses on hormone optimization, you will lose 65 % more weight than if you were on a diet that is cutting out calories and carbs.
  • They don’t recommend using keto pills, ketone tests, or magic powders, everything is on the program itself.

Cons – Over 40 Keto Solution Review

Although carb cycling sounds like a pretty good strategy, there are a few downfalls. 

  • This program requires your commitment and discipline.
  • Consider that this program really applies to people trying to burn fat and retain some muscle mass at the same time.
  • Carb cycling can be as good as other nutritional proposals according to scientific studies.
  • This is a digital product only available online, so you need to have internet access and download it to your personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet

Comparision Chart over 40 keto


The program is comprehensive, covering every angle of your health, as you will learn from the program hormones are vital for healthy weight loss and that they change as you are aging. This method provides you with the knowledge and step-by-step action plan needed to feed your body with what it needs to thrive and to lose weight, created by real people that are experts, there are no side effects, easy to understand and follow step-by-step instructions, affordable and well worth the money, and it comes with one-year money-back guarantee!

When you decide to get a copy of over 40 keto solution today, you will learn how to eliminate deadly belly fat, prevent metabolic syndrome and reduce the risk of a heart attack, control your blood sugar and stabilize your Insulin levels, minimize your risk of diabetes, increase, good cholesterol, HDL levels and reduce dangerous triglycerides, protect your body from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, enhance your physical energy and mental clarity. With this plan, you will not need to give up your favorite carbs, fruits, wine, or desserts each tutorial is backed by science and is designed to be easy to use.

So you can experience every one of these great benefits from over 40 keto Solution Program. Thanks for reading this Over 40 Keto Solution Review and Enjoy!

coupon over 40 keto solution

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