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About 100% Responsibility on Ho’oponopono

  • RITA: I want to speak with you especially about some of the ideas that you bring up in the book Zero Limits written about you by Dr. Joe Vitale and perhaps you can start out by explaining a little bit about this idea of a hundred percent responsibility for oneself and an entirely different idea of what the self is according to the system that you speak about.
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: Well I think Shakespeare said better than I. If you read sonnet 4-6, Shakespeare says “poor soul” and what he is saying is, the basic idea is that there are tragedies in our lives because we dont take a look at where the origin of the problem is, and is always himself, so the tragedy beign in life is that we are clueless and we repeat the same thing over and over again and so, when I worked at Hawaiian State Hospital, working with people that killed, raped and murdered other people, I had to ask the question what is going in me that I’m experiencing this, I’m experiencing a patient being violent, I’m experiencing a staff going crazy and that sort of stuff, and so having to take 100% responsibility for that, what’s going on in me that I’m creating this experience and so I just do this cleaning, and Ho’oponopono is about going into the self and specifically into the subconscious and where the data is and since everything is run by information so the information my subconsious is saying is dictating to me what I’m seeing, what I’m experiencing, It’s like in Shakespeare Tempest Worse or Miranda says oh woe is me to see what I see see, so Miranda had this insight that she is only seeing data, and so it is with me, and so it is with all of you. And So I just worked on the data in me that I experienced as quotes the other person, but if I see you as being crazy and goofy it is only my experience of you and if I erase it you can’t be that way, it is not possible, so that’s what I mean with 100% responsibility. Being one hundred percent responsible is taking responsibility for what is going on in you, that you’re experiencing up whatever.

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  • Could I ask you to clarify just a little point you said? What is it in me that is experiencing… could you please clarify what you mean by experience? Do you mean perception?
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: No, I’m not even mean that I’m not… the perception, perception is not, perception is really a subproduct or consequence of the data playing at the subconscious. So if I came back to the Miranda, she said “I only can see what I see” because the data is seeing what I see, so Miranda is really speaking what Shakespeare said the mind is, but it’s just a stage and the data runs around of this stage and the data is really what is going on and so if the data is such that I’m making, I’m experiencing, I’m suffering, or I’m experiencing people being goofy, then I have to be responsible for that and what is going on in me, and It’s simple data playing and more specifically memories replaying on the subconscious and those can be erased. I think that is probably the most profound thing about this personal component, that you can erase data.

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  • Could you give us an example of what it feels like or it looks like for data to be erased or is that not something that can be done in this kind of setting?

    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: I’m not sure what you’re asking
  • Could you give us an example of cleaning, how do we erase the data within our own model? Is that something you could be doing?
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: Of course, I can teach it, trees can do it, cars can do it, anything can do it, but the idea is the most fundamental question one needs to know is the question Who Am I? and most people have no idea about who they are and therefore they allow the data in them to speak for them as opposed to choosing not to have the data by erasing them. So coming back to great sages like Jesus, Jesus said “Love your enemy”, and the only enemy is the memory playing that you’re experiencing as judgments, anger, resentment, hate annoyance, so Ho’oponopono is about falling in love with the data and say to the anger I love it, say to the memory that replaced anger I love you, thank you for showing up and give me one more chance to free, and so Ho’oponopono is just simply saying I love you, Thank you.

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  • When the data is erased? What is the self that remains? is it a unique self that is God created? is it individuated or is it just pure self?

    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: So, let me come back at you, so I would ask you… who is talking? who was asking the question?
  • Well, that would be the data yeah, because the other part of me would know the answer to that.
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: Well, I’m saying, since the data is talking you can erase the data, so I’m saying to people, no matter if you have questions, you’ll never be able to get at what is going on because the data is running in you, and the idea is to get to… see… historically have come to this notion that you can decode things, so the greek come along and greek said well let’s examine, let’s analyze, but Ho’oponopono is not about examining or analyzing, Ho’oponopono is about and hopefully founded on letting go the data, so when the data is erased, you are what budda called in the space of void or what Shakespeare calls you’re in a state of blank and it is when you’re in that state of emptiness, void and blanks then this inspiration comes through what quantum physics called the phantom force of nothing.

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About Zero State in Ho’oponopono

  • Is it a state of nothingness?
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: You have to really be careful because one has to be as precise as possible.
  • No thought?
    • DR. IHALEAKALA HEW LEN: No, no not thought, no data plane, so what does that mean to have no data field, that means you’re free, you know you’re absolutely free when no data is played and it’s only at freedom or I’ll use another word clarity, clarity is defined as no data plane, no data meaning, no memory replaying on the subsconsious that one experiences, so let’s say you get it, if you get the mind back to zero is what Jessu called the storm in its foundation and only in that foundation then can you build something out of that foundation comes the inspiration and so you’re moved by perfect information as opposed to being dead then using dead information but most of the time we are dead that we without realizing we’re stuck in old data and we’re dead and Ho’oponopono is about releasing the death and the debt, so basically is to have mortage in our souls and we don’t even know that because we’re not conscious of it or not even aware of it, we’re stuck in it, we’re just gonna suffer and it doesn’t have to be so, you can erase the data, back to zero and that back at zero are the nothing comes that phantom force of inspiration.

Source: Interview Dr. Hew Len by Rita Montgomery and Dr. Rick Moss on Youtube Part1

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