How to Use Ho’oponopono to Attract the Loved One?

Ho'oponopono to attract the person you love, in order to live in harmony and fulfillment with yourself and with the person you love

In this post will explore how to use Ho’oponopono to attract the person you love so you can live in harmony and contentment with yourself and the person you love. We all know that people are looking for someone special to share magic moments with them and when you have been without a partner for a while it is normal to feel desire to meet someone. You can use Ho’oponopono to attract a loved one and meet the love of your life. We will show you how easy it is to use Ho’oponopono for love and you will feel how it changes the way you vibrate.

If you want to embark on this Ho’oponopono trip to woo your loved one it is important to think about many details.First, for example, Ho’oponopono to attract your partner is not just repeating words, in fact, the key is feeling.

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1. Love yourself

The first thing to keep in mind is self-love because if you don’t love yourself deeply you will never attract the energy and vibration of love. Self-criticism can be a great bridge to spiritual and personal evolution but when you live in a state of denial and self-punishment you will never let love into your life. So the first step in using Ho’oponopono to attract the person you love is to love yourself.

You can use Ho’oponopono based words: Please forgive me, thanks, I love you for yourself but also always thinking and imagining your love. Have the courage to forgive yourself and let go of the mistakes you once made in love with a new and improved version of you filled with Divine blessings.

2. Accept that this is a process

The second thing you need to understand about Ho’oponopono in order to attract the right partner is that there are no magic words that will get them there. What is really there is a process of acceptance and freedom to generate new energy. For this reason, we suggest you abandon your claims and accept that attracting your loved one with Ho’oponopono is your own path and is energy that you have to let into your life.

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3. Clean the memories

When you use Ho’oponopono to attract a loved one what you are doing is emptying your limited and loveless memories and washing them away. One of the key features of Ho’oponopono is that you are limited and prevented from reaching your maximum potential by unconscious thoughts. So use ho’oponopono to clear that, practice “Please forgive me, thanks, I love you” to loose what binds you, and apply everyday Ho’oponopono to clean the memories so you can have more chances to attract the right mate.

4. Visualize

Visualize who you want to be with, think about how that person would look like, their character and personality etc. Be clear about what you want to happen because the universe is going to give it to you. So take your time to think about what that special couple you want to have by your side is like – their thoughts, their faces and their interests. After you do that… let it go… no expectations… God now knows what you want but remember to be flexible since it can surprise you with better things.I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.


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5. Love in advance

When you use Ho’oponopono to attract your loved one you should already love him/her you should feel invited into your life and not be afraid to share your heart with him/her. 

Using ho’oponopono to attract your ideal partner is an excellent idea especially because it’s a way to meet your desire from your own place where you are not a victim. 

Ho’oponopono to attract a loved one teaches you that love has to start with you and you have to use the ho’oponopono words so you can clean yourself from the past that binds you and keep you from flowing for long. Use it and give thanks because love has already come into your life. Thank you thank you thank you.

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