Ho’oponopono Q&A Dr. Hew Len Shares Insights and Wisdom

Ho'oponopono Q&A : Dr. Hew Len Shares Insights and Wisdom

The Importance of Responsibility

So the idea: if you save your butt, you’ll save everybody else. You don’t. I don’t care how smart you are if you’re not 100% responsible, you ain’t going anywhere, and you’ll take all of us down. Yeah, you’ll take all of us down unless somebody’s willing to clean. I am. I’m not going to wait on anybody. Out, you know that everybody, nobody, somebody, not me, anybody else. Right there.

Seeking Healing and Answers

Hello. In regards to what constitutes the time that it will be healed or not, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Who would you ask that? You’re asking a question, but who would really know? Yeah, so how come you’re not asking God? What? I don’t know, but see, you’re blaming me. You’re blaming me. You’re blaming me. I’m in front of you. Yeah, but I’m saying to you, now we’re going to shift this afternoon because you get to ask the Divinity in you who has all of the answers for you. And you’ll get a very different answer than our friend here, Joe.


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Cleaning Up for Everyone’s Benefit

You can ask the same question, different answer between you and Joe. Yeah, so I’m saying to you, clean up. Do it for you. Anybody. Now remember, here’s what we’re putting up with: Dudu. This is the question, see? And we’re all, I mean, I have to let you know, in place of, for example, as. And I’m saying, I’m okay with it, but if you’re asking questions you don’t know, those questions have an impact on a woman trying to give birth in Africa. You’ll make it harder for her because you’re jerking everything around. So please jerk so we can get out of the way, but really, everything that goes on is you going everywhere else in the universe. And if you’re hooked into it, a woman who’s giving birth will have a hard time because you’re stuck in it. So who was the question? Yeah.


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The Power of Cleaning and Responsibility

Hi. Um, so you said we can just say the words. Say what word? Be clear. Now when we’re cleaning and clearing, what word are you saying? “I love you,” that’s all. Do we need to say, “I’m taking responsibility”? But I did hear you say you need to take responsibility. That’s what you thought you had, but didn’t I just say you’re going to clean? Just say, “I love you.” So I would say, because I love you, anybody else? No, you get to clean with this. We’re going to be all stubborn. You cannot believe how serious this is. This, we’re working on. This guy’s asking questions has to do with Alzheimer’s. That means stuck in the stock and can’t get out. The people who have Alzheimer’s don’t have the problem of memory; they can’t get out of the stuff. They can’t get on because we’re jerking them around. Yes. It’s a personal question to you. I was wondering when you first started learning to clean, after a while, did it take a discipline to remember to constantly clean? I’m sure I’ll be cleaning for months and months and months on a regular basis. I’m going to show you how you can do it even while you’re sleeping. But I can’t get to it unless you  guys let me physically show you how to do it while you’re sleeping. But if I have to put up with all these questions, we’re never going to get to it. Nothing more for me to say, thank you. Yeah.

Letting Go and Understanding

So I want to let you know it’s very serious when you ask a question. You keep everybody stuck. I just want to let you know, this is not trying to understand something. This is about letting go. So if you’re into trying to understand it, you ain’t going to keep the rest of us up, really. And you’ve got to get down. You think asking questions is just kind of, you know, rhetorical? It isn’t. It’s serious. This is definitely about trying to understand, yeah.

The HA Breathing The Ho’oponopono Secret

Collective Consciousness and Cleaning

I know when you say when I clean something in myself, it’s cleaned in everyone else. Is there a collective consciousness that has to clean it from? How does that mean collective consciousness? They find for me what collective consciousness so I will be able to answer them. What I mean by it is, is there a certain number of people? Don’t ask those rhetorical questions. Tell me, define for me, what is collective consciousness? Divinity in all of us? I’m saying to you, no, that’s not what you’re asking. You’re not asking that question. What are you asking? I’m asking, does it require a certain number of people to be cleaning on the same intellect, talking from Los Angeles? It only takes one person, you. That’s all it takes. Has there ever been a problem that’s gone away and not come back? Is there ever been a problem with you that’s gone away? See, now she’s thinking, so we’re all stuck. She’s trying to grasp it. I mean, I’m not trying to be hard on her, but we, this is serious business now. So she’s trying to think, but she’s stuck like us. She’s thinking. I’m watching her. She’s trying to know how to answer that, but we’re all stuck.

Understanding the Concept of Collective Consciousness

Some baby being born now has a hard time because they’re stuck in the data. So she, do you know what collective consciousness is? Who can define for me what collective consciousness is? Nobody. You all have a different definition for that, which means you will have a discussion. And the discussion leads to what? More crap. Really? Oh, I’m curious to know from her what she means by collective consciousness because I can tell, I’m going to tell her what I see it is and how it works. But I want to hear what she has to say since she raised her hand, and I get a chance to clean with it. What it means to me is the part of us that we all share. And what does that mean? We’re all a piece of God, a distinct piece of God, and so we’re all connected. Is that what you thought she meant? No, no, no. Just ask, did you hear what she said? Yeah, is that what you used to let your sense of collective consciousness is? See, now we’re going to get full and pushed, and you will be responsible. Really? Oops.

Embracing Unity and Harmony

Yeah, but I’m saying, this is how it happened. All of a sudden, there’s a pull. Now another thread pulls, and everybody’s pulling, and they’ll go nowhere. So the idea is that when you were all created, you were all created one family. What does that mean? You were

at zero, no boundaries, no thinking, cold. But look at that zero, no fighting, no armies, no nothing. Perfect harmony. That’s what I’m trying to take you, but yeah, yeah, you’re gonna dawdle. That was our chance, you know? I mean, I’m willing to clean, so let’s get the stuff out of us, doing spiritual animals, you know? Yeah, let’s move it, yeah. Please, yes, our Cuban friend over there.

The Power of Cleaning and Transformation

So this is more of a comment than a question, then. So is it safe to say that more crap, right? Um, because the universe, if we clean ourselves for everybody else, it’s because the universe only exists within us. And so if you clean yourself, wait, did you hear that? Now that’s a beautiful definition of consciousness. She’s saying to herself, the universe is in me. I’ll talk about clarity. I love that. She must be from Cuba. Only people who are clear come from Cuba. Yeah, well, I wasn’t really born there. Yeah, perfect, yeah.


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The Power of One Person Cleaning

Um, that’s it. So then all of you are actually in you, me, absolutely. Yes, so watch this, how beautiful. So God is in you, and you are in God. So when a memory comes up, it’s in all of you, and you’re stuck with it. But now all it takes is one person to do the cleaning. It comes off her and comes off over you. If we can be 100% responsible, which is hard to get to, but all it takes is one person. We don’t care if the rest are asleep. As long as one person is cleaning, the rest of us will be fine. You’ll be fine.

The Power of Ho’oponopono

I’ll tell you a story of my daughter. And she was seven years old. She’s 32 now, so she was seven when she first took the class. And she slept through the whole thing. She was snoring away. I have to kind of gently pet you. But she slept through the whole thing. And so one day, we were home, and I was about to get in the swimming pool, so I hadn’t, you know, gone like, “Guess what?” And she said, I mean, seven, she said, “Dad, remember what that old lady said?” I’m going, “What old lady?” “Dad, remember what that old lady said?” And I said, “What did the old lady say?” And she said, “The old lady said, before you get into any body of water, you mentally put in an Alka-Seltzer pill. Just mentally put it in, dad. I’m going to do it for you this time, but you’re on your own the next time.” So the story is even when you’re sleeping, you’re going to get it. Even when you’re so… My daughter was sleeping when Morna was teaching this court, and she just slept. Thank God she slept. She didn’t have any questions, you know? Yeah. And the other thing is, you can take this course as an absentee. If you do, we won’t have no questions. So let’s go over it again.

The Power and Depth of Ho’oponopono Dr. Joe Vitale

In the beginning, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t heard of it, brace yourself because it’s the most powerful, the most transformational, the most magical, the most miraculous technique I’ve ever come across. I’m Dr. Joe Vitale. I’ve written 80 books, I’ve recorded 15 albums, I have 200+ products, I have coaching programs, certification programs. But nothing ever has had the impact in my life as Ho’oponopono has. I’ve been teaching it to other people since around 2005. There is great depth to it, though it’s very simple on the very superficial level. There are really only four phrases, and you’re kind of saying them as a quiet prayer or petition. But there’s so much more to it than that, and what I really want you to do is check it out. I want you to check it out for you, your family, your friends, and ultimately for the world. It’s that powerful, and as I like to say, expect miracles.

In conclusion, Ho’oponopono is a profound technique that holds the power to transform lives and bring about miraculous changes. Dr. Joe Vitale, a renowned author and teacher, has personally experienced its transformative effects and has been sharing it with others for many years. The simplicity of the technique, coupled with its profound depth, makes it a truly powerful tool for healing and creating positive change. By taking responsibility for our own healing and extending forgiveness and love, we can not only transform ourselves but also contribute to the well-being of others and the world. So, embrace Ho’oponopono and expect miracles to unfold in your life.


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