What are the Differences between temperament, character and personality,

differences between temperament character and personality

Welcome this time we will talk about temperament, character, and personality, these three concepts are related, but do not mean exactly the same Biologically.


temperament in genetic inheritance as embedded software that influences how it works of the nervous systems. Temperament is unchangeable. Doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself In the way of understanding, Understand and feel. Temperament is the basis of character and personality. It is responsible for spontaneous emotions and typical reactions to external stimuli.

According to the Hippocratic theory of morals. The classification is based on the liquids that are in our body called humors. If there is an excess of black bile will have a melancholic temperament. If the excess is phlegm, it will have a temperament phlegmatic. If the excess, it is yellow bile, it will have an angry temperament and if the excess is blood will have a blood temperament.

So it can be said that you have a predominant temperament since people do not have a single temperament

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The character has an emphasis on the social component. It also incorporates temperament and adds social. It integrates the environment through norms and guidelines also includes education. The lived experiences, internal maturity that is influenced by learning.


What happens in between Personality. Personality would be determined by the characteristic interaction of their psychic systems, for example, their own style of preparing information or a style of self-presentation self-control, or self-realization.

Cognitive versus emotional moral thinking is related to what is right or wrong. Own identity Personality is integrative because the biological and social will add up. If you like this video, you can share it and give me a suggestion.

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