6 tips to be stress free

6 Tips to be Stress Free!

The brand-new year is right here and also life can be a little demanding … OK, truly difficult. That’s why we’re devoting this post to tension & stress monitoring. Handling…

inmune system boost

10 Tips For An All-natural Immune System Boost

The cold and flu period is upon us. The initial line of protection is to clean your hands commonly and also maintain your workspace tidy by cleaning it down with…

foods longevity

Foods that you have in your Home that Activate Longevity

You know we’re probably the first generation alive whose children will live shorter and sicker lives than we did because of the tremendous amount of disease that is happening in…

great conjunction saturn jupiter chaos

What does the Great Conjuction brings to the next years? Chaos and Metamorphosis

On the Winter solstice of 2020 we had a Great Conjunction, an astrological phenomenon that only occurs every 800 years, and this phenomenon, apart from being astronomical, also has energetic…


Inspiring Forgiveness Down To Earth

What does it mean to forgive? Among the very first things we normally believe when we hear the phrase “to forgive” is that it is mainly out of reach for…

essential oils for chakras

Essential Oils for Chakras + Chart

Why use Essential Oils for Chakras? Aromatherapy is the facility of using essential oils to fit particular requirements. The oils perform straight on the biochemistry of the body through the…

ancestor altar

The Ancestor Altar – Honor and Healing

In this post, I’m going to talk about why to build an ancestor altar and how to do it. In many cultures, these kinds of altars were found and some…

dr hew len mental hospital

Dr Hew Len Talks about his job at Mental Hospital

I’ve been doing marketing for you, oh just because I knew it was such a wonderful opportunity for me too. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what the…

is Ho'oponopono effective in Physical Healing?

is Ho’oponopono effective in Physical Healing?

Is Ho’oponopono effective in physical healing? Dr. Hew Len has been clear about that Ho’oponopono is not a quick recipe, and that we have to be detached from any specific…

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