Blue Ice – Ho’oponopono Tool

blue ice hooponopono tool

What does blue ice mean in Ho’oponopono?

In this post we will talk about the Ho’oponopono tool “blue ice” that is used as a trigger word especially in cases of physical or emotional pain, we will see what variety of situations it is useful for, when we should use it and how. Continue on to find out all about “blue ice”

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Remembering the basics of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is an ancient technique that allows us to cleanse memories from our subconscious that create limiting patterns in our lives. By cleaning these memories we can achieve greater clarity and inner peace.
The bases of the practice are Ha breathing and the use of 4 phrases that allow us to clear limiting beliefs, painful memories or negative thoughts that are repeated in our mind. In this way we can redirect our thoughts towards love and forgiveness, thus finding solutions to various problems in our lives.

The four main phrases used in Ho’oponopono are: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.
This ancestral practice of Ho’oponopono is used by many people around the world, especially for having been made known by Dr. Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale, and there are many testimonies of greater inner well-being. Apart from the 4 main phrases, some trigger words have also been added that can help us for different specific objectives.

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Blue ice – trigger word – Ho’oponopono tool

The word blue ice trigger is used as a tool in Ho’oponopono for physical or emotional pain.
Ho’oponopono practitioners around the world claim that repeating blue ice and connecting with the intention that has been placed on it is very effective in relieving pain or anesthetizing. However, it is necessary to mention that this does not exempt medical or psychological treatment when needed since many times they are needed to make us responsible for taking care of ourselves.

In this way, we can combine the well-being tools that we have both physically and spiritually, such as Ho’oponopono to achieve better comprehensive health.
Blue ice as a tool for physical pain
The phrase “blue ice” can be used in situations where the physical pain is present.

The blue ice trigger word is used for those moments where we feel physical pain, for example in cases of falls, cuts, wounds, headaches, colic, blows, etc. What you have to do to activate the effects of this ho’oponopono tool is to repeat the phrase “blue ice or ice blue” either verbally or mentally, it is also useful to visualize a large blue ice that covers you or a crystal of blue ice that fills the pain area relieving and anesthetizing.
This ho’ponopono phrase, blue ice, works as a relief, anti-inflammatory or anesthesia, calming the pain of any part of the body.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

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Hoponopono Blue ice for emotional wounds

The blue ice ho’ponopono trigger phrase is very popular as a tool for physical pain, however, it can also be very effective in the case of emotional pain or injury.

When you feel that your heart has been hurt, you are going through disappointment, helplessness, bad news, separations or arguments with friends and family, situations of concern and anguish that cause you emotional suffering, then the repetition of the phrase “blue ice” It can help you lower the intensity of that pain that these experiences entail.

If you receive bad news, you are going through a difficult time due to family arguments or conflicts with friends, some disappointment or distressing frustration, anything that represents internal suffering, the repetition of blue ice hoponopono can help you calm the pain that all this entails.

You can use this video meditation to help you in your practice, so you can relieve your pain and feel better, helping to solve the problems that are causing the suffering and that prevent you from clarity.

We invite you to do this meditation to help you fight depression and feel better and much happier, resolving mental configurations that prevent you from achieving your fullness.

Just put it on while you relax for a while and enjoy the music, we also recommend you also visualize the blue ice crystal emitting its warm ultraviolet light towards you.

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How to use the Blue Ice – ho’oponopono tool?

In summary, how is the phrase blue ice trigger used in ho’oponopono to relieve physical and emotional pain?
The way the word blue ice trigger is used is very simple.

You have to repeat mentally or verbally “blue ice, blue ice, blue ice”, and at the same time you can visualize the blue ice covering you with a warm blue light in your whole being or in the affected area, for example if it is emotional pain you can visualize this blue ice light in your chest area or in your stomach depending on where you feel it will help you the most.

You can also add this prayer to improve your physical and emotional health with ho’oponopono:

“Divinity, remove all the memories that exist in me that create this self-punishment through pain. Blue ice, blue ice, blue ice.”

Finally, remember that with ho’oponopono consistency is important, if necessary, turn the phrase into your meditation 24/7 and do it with confidence, letting go of expectations.

Also, be attentive to the inspirations that come to you from divinity as the memories of pain are cleared, maybe you will get some idea of ​​​​additional treatment that you require or the strength to ask for help, or any other inspiration to find a harmonious solution for the problem. cause of the pain that had been created.
I wish you infinite health and love. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

with love, Stela

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