How Ho’oponopono Can Help You Attract Financial Prosperity In 2023 – Dr Joe Vitale

How Ho'oponopono Can Help You Attract Financial Prosperity In 2023 - Dr Joe Vitale

Thank you [Music] As I mentioned earlier I taught a Seminar one day called The Secret of Money I told everyone that they will have Money if they are clear if they are Broke they aren’t clear I told doctor Who lent about it and he agreed Memories can keep money away he said if You are clear about money you’ll have it The universe gives it if you will accept It it is memories playing that keep it From you or you from seeing it How do you get clear Keep saying I love you he said Do you say it to money you can love Money but it’s better to just say it to The divine When you are at zero you have zero Limits and even money can come to you But when you are in memory you will Prevent it there are many memories Around money as you clean them they get Cleaned for everyone We went into a deli and ordered coffee The place was quiet as we sat there but Slowly people streamed in and the place Got busier and louder the energy in the Place grew you noticed that Dr Hulen Asked me Well there’s a buzz to the place I said People seem happier We came in and we brought our cleaner

Selves and the places feeling it he said He told me about going into restaurants In Europe they would be slow but after He visited business increased he tried This in a few different places to see if The same thing happened it did He then went to a restaurant owner and Said if we come in and your business Improves will you give us a free meal The owner agreed Dr Hulen would often Get free meals from just being I noticed that he gave money freely we Went into a little shop he bought a few Stained glass items for friends He then slapped the 20 bill on the Counter and said and this is for you the Clerk looks surprised and naturally so He added It’s Only Money Later at a restaurant I gave a large tip To the waitress she stared her eyes wide In her mouth dropping open I couldn’t Accept this she said yes you can I Countered Still later I got an idea for a product That I knew would make me a large amount Of money Dr Hulen pointed out the universe Rewarded you for your generosity you Gave so it gave back it gave you that Inspiration had you not given it would Not have given to you Ah and there was the real secret to Money We Americans forget that it says right

On our money in God we trust said Dr Hulen we print it but we don’t believe It At one point Doctor Who lead asked me About the nutritional company I had Founded with a physician and a Nutritionist We created it to Market a cholesterol Lowering natural formula we call cardio Secret and you can learn about it at Dr Hulan had consulted with me a while Back about the product name as well as The name of the company He was curious to see where we went with It It’s on hold right now I said I hired an FDA attorney to review our website and Our packaging and we’re waiting on him But as a result of working on this Product I got an idea for an even more Exciting product something I call fit a Rita I went on to explain that fitorita is a Natural margarita mix you can read about It at a I received the idea for it while out Drinking with friends I was in yet another bodybuilding Fitness contest at that time so having a Margarita was a rare and special thing For me While drinking one I said what we need

Is a bodybuilders margarita As soon as I said it I knew it was a Good idea Good for you Joseph Dr Hulen said you Weren’t attached to the first product And wanting things to go your way so the Divine gave you a new money making idea Too many people lock onto an idea and Try to force it to fit their Expectations and what they’re doing is Blocking the very wealth they want to Receive good for you Joseph good for you He’s right of course as long as I stay Open to ideas from the Divine they keep Coming Besides the fitorita product I also Received an idea for clearing mats These are mats you place your food on to Clean it and you before you dine you can Read about those at but I didn’t stop there Doctor Who Len Received an idea too I’ve never seen a website that cleans People while they sit and look at it he Told me let’s make our website for our Book just that when people go there they Are being cleaned by what we Infuse in The site we did just that too you can See it at zerole There’s no end to the amount of ideas You can receive and money you can Receive once you let go of your need and Allow it all to come to you the key as Always is to just keep cleaning cleaning

Cleaning What should therapists do when they see Clients I asked wanting to probe for Specific methods in helping people to Heal Just love them Dr Hulen replied But what if somebody comes to you Because they were traumatized at some Point and they aren’t over it I asked Wanting to back Doctor Who land into a Corner and force him to squeeze out some Method I could do All everyone wants is to be loved he Said isn’t that what you want it doesn’t Matter what you say or do as long as you Love the person So I could be a union or a Freudian or a Rikian or anything else It doesn’t matter he’s stressed what Matters is that you love the person Because they are a part of you and You’re loving them will help you race And clean and clear the program Activated in their life I wasn’t settling for that answer though I could see his point But what if someone is certifiably crazy I asked I had a woman come to me who was Considered schizophrenic he began I asked her to tell me her story You have to understand that whatever she Or anyone tells me isn’t the real issue Their story is their conscious

Interpretation of events What’s really happening is out of their Awareness But hearing the story is the starting Place Well what did she say She told me her story and I listened I Just kept repeating I love you in my Mind to the Divine trusting whatever Needed to be cleaned would be cleaned At one point she told me her full name Which was one of those hyphenated names Like Vitaly Odin or some such exactly I Knew that was part of the problem When someone has a split name it creates A split personality she needed to own Her birth name Did you ask her to legally change her Name She didn’t have to go that far he Explained by telling herself that her Name was one word she began to relax and Feel whole again But was it the name change or you’re Saying I love you that made the Difference for her who knows But I want to know I said I started a Miracles coaching program at I want to be sure My coaches say and do the right thing so They truly help people Dr Hulen went on to explain therapists Think they are here to help people or Save people but in reality their job is

To heal themselves of the program they See in their patients As those memories get canceled in the Therapist they get canceled in the Patient It doesn’t matter what you or your Coaches say or do as long as they keep Loving the person they are with he Explained again Remember the person you see is the Mirror of you What they experience is shared by you Clean the shared program and you’ll both Get well but how I love you he said Well I’m beginning to sense a theme Here I’ve been trying to figure out how the World Works since I was old enough to Read children’s books and then comic Books Superman and the Flash were pretty Easy to understand Today I have to deal with science Religion psychology and philosophy as Well as my own mental wanderings Just when I think I have a handle on Things along comes another book to Disturb my view of the world This time I was reading Consciousness Speaks by balsakar when I started to get A headache If I had to sum up its message in words From a man confused by reading the book I’d say that nothing we do comes from Free will

It’s all being prompted through us we Think we are the conscious actors we’re Wrong that’s our egos talking In some respect were puppets with a Divine as the energy in US pulling our Strings Now Imagine This I’m the guy who wrote the book The Attractor Factor it explains a five-step Process for having doing or being Anything you want I and others have used the method to Attract everything from wealth to cars To spouses to health to jobs to well you Name it It’s all about declaring your intention And then acting on what comes your way Or bubbles up from within to make it Manifest In short you’re the Puppeteer and the World is your puppet So how do I fit these two apparently Conflicting philosophies in my head Without going bonkers I think it works like this First we are living in a belief driven World Whatever you believe will work It’ll get you through the day at any Rate it will frame your experiences into Perceptions that make sense to you And when something comes your way that Doesn’t seem to match your world view Belief system you’ll find a way to

Rationalize it and force it to fit or You’ll take valium Second I can’t help but wonder if both Philosophies are right where the puppet And the puppeteer But that only works when we get out of Our own way It’s our minds that drive us to drink Overeat Frolic steel lie and even spend Too much time worrying about how the World works Our minds get in the way of the natural Flow of things Our minds know it’s doomed and it can’t Stand the thought of it so it constructs Feel-good addictions to help it survive In reality whatever that is your mind is The interference to experiencing the Bliss of this moment If this is so then all the techniques to Get clear which I talk about is step Three in my book The attractor Factor Are there to help you take the Interference out of the divine plan For example when you use a method like Eft the tapping your troubles away Approach to life you dissolve the issues Troubling you But then what happens Then you take a positive action Well weren’t you going to take that Positive action anyway Isn’t that why you knew there was a Problem to begin with

In other words the nudge to take action Was sent to you from the Divine and your Anxiety over it was the interference Take away the interference and you’re Back to being one with the Divine which Means your puppet and Puppeteer again So let me try to sum up what at least Makes sense to me today You came into this world with a gift Within yourself you may know it right Away or not you may not even know it Right now At some point you’ll sense it within you Now your mind is going to judge it if Your mind judges it as bad you’ll seek Therapy or methods or drugs or Addictions to handle it hide it resolve It release it or accept it But once you have removed that Interference preventing you from acting On your gift you’ll act on that gift in Short you’ll be the puppet of the Divine But you’ll be the puppeteer of your life Your choice is to go with the flow or Not that’s free will Some call it free won’t because your Real decision is to act on the impulse Or not Even the great showman and marketeer PT Barnum who I wrote about in my book There’s a customer born every minute Knew this he took action he did things On a grand scale but he was always Obeying some higher order

His gravestone marker reads not my will But thine be done he acted on his ideas Without interference from his mind and He allowed the results to be what they Were trusting that it was all part of The universe’s bigger picture he was Able to let go while taking action and That’s step five in my book The Attractor Factor tonight I have the World figured out I think tomorrow I’m Not so sure I long for those comic books Once again Everyone has a gift Dr Hulen told me on One of our walks what about Tiger Woods I asked knowing the answer but wanting To lead to a deeper question He’s playing his role in the Divine Play But what about when he starts to teach Others how to play golf He’ll never succeed Dr Hulen said his Role is playing golf not teaching golf That’s someone else’s role we each have Our part even a janitor yes there are Janitors and garbage collectors who love Their work Dr Hulen said you don’t think So because you are imagining playing Their roles but they can’t play Your Role either I suddenly remembered a line from an old Self-improvement course If God told you what to do you do it and Be happy well what you are doing is what God wants you to do The point is not to resist your role

I might long to be a songwriter like Michelle Malone or an actor like James Khan or a bodybuilder like Frank Zane or A writer like Jack London I might even Get pretty good at writing songs acting Working out or writing novels but my Role is inspirator I write books to awaken people to be Exact to awaken me as I awaken me I Awaken you [Music] Ho’oponopono Maybe you’ve heard of it maybe you Haven’t if you haven’t heard of it brace Yourself because it’s the most powerful The most transformational the most Magical the most miraculous technique I’ve ever come across I’m Dr Joe Vitale I’ve written 80 books I’ve recorded 15 Albums I have 200 some products I have a Coaching program certification programs But nothing ever has had the impact in My life as hooponopono has I’ve been Teaching it to other people since around 2005. there is great depth to it though It’s very simple on the very superficial Level there’s really only four phrases And you’re kind of saying them as a Quiet prayer or petition but there’s so Much more to it than that and what I Really want you to do is check it out I Want you to check it out for you your Family your friends and ultimately for The world it’s that powerful and as I

Like to say expect miracles [Music] Foreign [Music]

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