Ho’oponopono Water – How To Make Blue Solar Water To clean Negative Data – Dr. Hew Len

(By Dr. Hew Len) Thank you for being here, and then come on back up. A blue bottle, and I’m going to show you how to make water. As you drink the water, it’ll clean the data. Yeah, so how do we do this? So I’ve already talked about how, and now I’m going to talk about why, and then ultimately we’re going to talk about “e,” which is the “I know.” I’ve done this, and now I’m going to talk about the water. So what you want to do is you want to get a blue bottle. So it’s a blue bottle, glass. It must be glass; it cannot be plastic. If you’re in Los Angeles, the people would ask, “What kind of blue, Doctor? You learn. Does it have to be dark blue? How about light blue? Well, any kind of blue.” And what you need is a source of light. So I’m going to use this as a source of light, so you need a light and the light.


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Light can be either sunlight or an incandescent lamp. Why can it be fluorescent? Okay, so now what you want to do is you take a bottle; it doesn’t matter the size of the bottle. And you have the blue bottle cap on the blue bottle. It must be plastic; it cannot be metal. Why is that, Dr. England? Okay, so now what you want to do, and this is a hard one for the people from Los Angeles, the next one is you have to fill it up with tap water. Foreign? Why can’t it be bottled water? Well, okay, so where did all this information come? It came out of zero. One day, I was walking, and then he said, “I’m going to show you how to create a water that when you drink it, will erase data. And all you have to do is to drink the stuff.” So what you do is you get a blue glass bottle and, anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, you put it under a light source. And then you use it, and it’s very simple to use. Watch me, I have to demonstrate this. Watch. First of all, you undo the cap, and then you just take a swing. That’s it. And as you swing it, here’s how it works. I’m going to show how the mind works. I’m going to talk about the question, “Who am I?” Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t heard of it, brace yourself because it’s the most powerful, the most transformational, the most magical, the most miraculous technique I’ve ever come across.

  • Dr. Hew Len explains how to make water that cleanses data as you drink it.
  • The method involves using a blue glass bottle, preferably dark blue, filled with tap water.
  • The bottle must be made of glass, not plastic, and the cap should be plastic, not metal.
  • The bottle is placed under a light source (sunlight or incandescent lamp) for 15 minutes to an hour.
  • Afterward, the bottle is used by simply undoing the cap and taking a drink.
  • This technique aims to erase data and works by understanding the question “Who am I?” to transform the mind.
  • Dr. Hew Len considers it the most powerful and transformative technique he has encountered.

Note from Dr Joe Vitale

I’m Dr Joe Vitale I’ve written 80 books I’ve recorded 15 Albums I have 200 some products I have a Coaching program certification programs But nothing ever has had the impact in My life as hooponopono has I’ve been teaching it to other people Since around 2005. there is great depth To it though it’s very simple on the Very superficial level there’s really Only four phrases and you’re kind of Saying them as a Quiet prayer or petition But there’s so much more to it than that And what I really want you to do is Check it out I want you to check it out For you your family your friends and Ultimately for the world it’s that Powerful and as I like to say expect Miracles.


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