Dr Hew Len Talks about Zero State Free Will and use of Pendulums

dr hew len interview zero state use of pendulum

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Speaker: There is so much operating in the world but it depends on language and thought

    • Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: Only if you say so. You know it now, we’re stuck in that data that you have said something that’s just a story and the data is telling you what to say and you’re stuck and that means that if you’re stuck I’m stuck

Can you be on zero state and have language?

    • You’re gonna be on zero state and have perfect… you’re gonna say whatever is perfect and right, in other words, let’s say that you’re at zero that means a whole world, the whole cosmos become zero, that means everything gets enlightened. So he gets enlightened the chair gets enlightened but they don’t get enlightened from me, they get enlightened directly from the source and so then le language is perfect, it’s a language in which you’re not even aware as to what the artists called inspiration, like Van Gogh or those great artists they just do it… how did you do it? I don’t know… I just did it, yeah, that’s the language of love and art, truth muted beyond comprehension.

If one takes responsibility for everything in everyone.

    • Everything that’s going on in that person, yeah.

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Then the idea of free will, that each has a will to choose or a decision or to choose by themselves how do they want to change, or heal, and would not be a point that you would recognize, is that correct?

    • Well, again we have to be really precise so I’m going to come back and ask you when you say Free Will what does that mean?

To me, it means the right to choose against what is natural the right to hold on to one’s programming, the right to separate oneself in one mind from the source.

    • Then what happens is that at any given moment eleven bits of information is playing for which you’re unconscious on, so it’s driving you, so you don’t have free will, but you have a choice, the choice is like Shakespeare is saying to be free or not to be free of the data, you have that choice but the data is gonna run you, so the only question is what data is gonna run you, it is gonna be an inspiration or it is gonna be a memory which is dead stuff. So that’s the choice but doesn’t hand pretty well.


Can I approach the question differently?

Let’s talk about the people in Hawaii State Hospital, by changing yourself you changed them because they are part of yourself? if the language is correct?

    • I think what happens is like with you, before I came here I got the address, I did the cleaning on the address, I did the cleaning on this camera because I dont know what it took before and that will may interfere with what we are doing now and I’m taking 100% responsibility because peace began with me and if I show up and I’m not peaceful you cannot be peaceful yourselves and so I’m only here only for one purpose and this is to make amends for whatever, I don’t know what that whatever is consciously but there are parts of me that know what that is and my job is just to begin there and being one hundred percent responsible by doing the cleaning but I don’t know what’s getting cleaned up, I’m clueless.
  • I have the impression that you make many of the decisions of your actions based upon petitioning divinity to make a choice of us to act in one way or to act in another way, is that right?
    • Again we have to be really precise, I do the cleaning, that’s my job to get back to zero, I want to be free, my only purpose to be on this planet is I got garbage which is a mortgage on my soul and I want to let go the garbage so I can be free, so at freedom, the information comes from the Source but I won’t even know it, I can’t say “Oh I got the information”, that’s not my job, my job is just to keep cleaning non-stop and let it unfold whatever is gonna unfold because eleven million inspirations coming and I don’t even aware of that.

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So what is cleaning like? Can you describe the cleaning processes?

    • Yeah, cleaning is just saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever data is going on in me that I need to make amends upon.

And so If someone calls you, and says can you come and speak with us what do you do?

    • I clean

And then what happens?

    • I clean enough and then we go ok, it’s ok to do it and I do it. And if I don’t get to do it I won’t do it and there are many interviewers which I am not done because I don’t get to do it, and I’m not making that decision, it is the information in me that’s making the decision.

How do you know that?

    • I don’t know that

I mean how do you know to come?

    • I don’t know that I just do it and then it says go and I’m telling him is ok. But it isn’t like a process where you go “oh I got it” it’s something that has to be worked on and cleaned on and like a road, it just begins to flow and at some point you… I just speak of that because I’m doing this source I don’t know almost three decades but just I have it.

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Do you believe is possible some people believe they can ask a question and get a yes or no answer, there’s psycho-kinesiology, there is the use of pendulums, things of that nature that allows one to perceive that they’re receiving an answer, Do you believe that all is possible?

    • Well I wanna come back at you again, for me the only way, the reason I’m here is only for the purpose of cleaning, let’s be clear about that and so the purpose of the cleaning is to free of the data so I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about if I were to use a pendulum I would make sure that I would be data free and then I would ask, but with the pendulum, if you’re not at zero you’ll get funny answers.

Based on your own scripts and..

    • I like that but basically, I would be more precise based on memories, data in a computer bank, yeah.

Ok, and How do you suggest the people begin the enterprise of cleaning?.

  • I’m not going to do that. I just do the thing myself and if people want to learn it they show up, like you. For example, a year ago I had somebody say to me convince me that I should take this class and I said to it, we don’t do any marketing, I don’t do any sort of stuff, it is a decision of choices you have to make it on your own. I’m not here to make any money, but if I was here to make money I’m in the wrong business.

Source: Interview to Dr. Hew Len by Rita Montgomery and Dr. Rick Moss on Youtube Part2


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