Day 7 – Ho’oponopono Beginner’s Guide


An Important Message

from Dr Joe Vitale:

The Ho’oponopono cleaning process allows direct contact with the divine wisdom, love, and inspiration already within each of us. It is achieved when memories replaying as thoughts, fears, and judgments are transmuted to ZERO by Love. It is a state of being which enables us to lead inspired lives.

The World Today

Much of today’s stress is a result of memories replaying the past and displacing Love. “Cleaning” can restore us to Love, to Zero.

We can transform ourselves, our homes, our communities, and our world into one of peace and Divine inspiration. It begins with doing the cleaning process, knowing that everything we see outside of us can be cleaned inside. It is the first step in being instruments of Love. The first step in learning how to BE “Cleaning in Action” and to become “Love in Action.” It is how to be 100% responsible. It is the “fast track” to Zero.

Discover the cleaning and healing power of Ho’oponopono as a certified practitioner of the modern form of an age-old practice.

The Global Sciences Foundation is proud to present complete Ho’oponopono Certification designed for…

  • Individuals Interested in Memory Data Cleaning
  • Those Who Want to 100% Control their Lives
  • Law of Attraction Practitioners
  • Yoga, Reiki, and Wellness Specialists
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Providers
  • Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and Mentors
  • And Anyone Eager to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

As a graduate of this certification program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills required to effectively practice Ho’oponopono in your private practice, at home, with family, and with anyone who seeks your help.

This course gives professional providers, specialists, and therapeutic providers an opportunity to embrace a modern version of an ancient self-cleaning art capable of eliminating self-imposed boundaries and connecting you to the divine.

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Hooponopono Certification Program Discount


Hooponopono Dr Vitale Joe Vitoli Advanced course certification

Allow something divine come and helps you

If you feel that something comes from divine inspiration…

Say YES!


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