A Comparison of Triple Angel Numbers Meaning, Should We Pay Attention to Them?

Comparison Angel Numbers Meanings

The first time I heard about triple numbers was in a book from Drunvalo Melchizedek, a respected sacred geometry researcher, in that book he was talking about an important mission in his life and how the triple numbers gave him guidance and signals to find the correct path or take the correct decisions at that time.

He said that these triple numbers were connected with what you are thinking and the reality around you and that that was related to the order in music and the mathematics behind it because all the notes of an octave are separated between them by 11 cycles per second, then the intervals between notes are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 and their multiples, especially with triple numbers, represent a harmonic refinement in a determined moment in time, and all that makes sense because in the creation the harmonics of the music are present in everything.

I liked that explanation because I like to know about the links between spirituality and science like in the quantum physics or sacred geometry, anyway, he also mentions that Alice Bailey was the first one to write about the significance of triple numbers but I didn’t encounter some specific writing about that theme from her, but I think that all this topic about numerology is more ancient than the modern books, some say that all this comes since Ancient Egypt.

But what is the true meaning of these numbers? are their meanings congruent? Today the numerology had mixed with angelology and other things and is becoming more and more popular, but should we trust in all that? Well, I will give my conclusions at the end but first, let’s see a comparison of the most popular meanings that surges when we look for triple numbers meaning or triple angel numbers meaning in google.

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I made charts that show a compilation of the 5 triple numbers meanings, 4 most popular results in google and I also included the interpretation of Drunvalo since it was the first one I met. These are my observations about the comparison:

111 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

All the sources give multiple meanings but I think that the one of Drunvalo is more adaptable to the all other vague interpretations: The presence of energy, maybe the energy that is manifesting what you want like Willow soul says, maybe energy for taking action like Kai Samuels mentioned or maybe like Drunvalo says any kind of energy, and that could be a good explanation for the wide variety of meanings that we can encounter for this number.

SOURCE Their 111 Interpretation
Willow soul Multiple Meanings: you attract that matches your energetic vibration, you have the strength to leave the past behind, you allow your true individuality to wake up, ready to make a difference, ready for a soul friendship, recognize the opportunities
askangels Presence of angels and profound guidance. Embrace new beginnings, linking heaven and earth, trust, call to awareness, infinite possibilities.
karisamuels You have lots of ideas. Now it’s time to put them into action! Don’t over-think things or get bogged down in self-doubt. This is a time for action and belief in yourself.
numerology nation Remove all the ill thoughts that you have. They want you to know that there’s a golden sky at the end of a storm and that it’s only a matter of time before you see light at the end of the tunnel. Changes coming.
(book serpent of light)
Energy flow: any energy flow, such as electricity, money, water, sexual energy, etc.

222 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

When you read the interpretations of this number, it also seems to me that they all converge with the New Cycle meaning that Drunvalo mentions, however, the other interpretations give us an important message: that this new cycle that is coming requires our attention, cooperation and focus to be created in the best manner.

SOURCE Their 222 Interpretation
Willow soul Cooperation and being in harmony with yourself and other around you, create new beginnings, active the spirit of cooperation in your relationships, harmonize mind and body
askangels Big ideas and the focus and persistence needed to manifest big dreams into reality. This number has to do with manifestation, keeping in balance, and creating blessings.
karisamuels Love rules! You will see improvements in your home life, your romance, and find inner peace. Don’t push yourself too hard.
numerology nation You need balance in your life. It shows that the universe is calling for your attention towards the areas of life that you need to focus on.
(book serpent of light)
New Cycle: the beginning of a new cycle whose nature depends on the next triple number you see.

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333 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

Three of the five sources give us a message about the presence of angels or ascended masters. However, if we analyze a little more thoroughly, we can notice some phrases that indicate that this presence is not passive, that something is expected from us, whether we act in accordance with our higher nature, or that we are in contact with them through prayer or that we use this connection with them to bring something that is a blessing for us and those around us. In this sense, Drunvalo’s interpretation that a decision is required to be made fits perfectly, what are we going to do? the angels or guides are present because there is an important decision to make, but by the rule of free will the result of everything is in our hands, and even if we have their help we must be proactive.

SOURCE Their 333 Interpretation
Willow soul Presence of Divine Protectors, ascended masters are guiding you to move forward, use your natural abilities and express creativity, have the courage to express your true self, life is play,
askangels Represents the connection between the Master Teachers and you. Ascended Masters and Angels are present with you to guide and assist you. They are responding to your prayers and requests for help
karisamuels You are in a creative flow. Nothing can hold you back from bringing your personal message into the world. Your heartfelt words and inspired vision can bring great changes to you and those around you.
numerology nation You have the undivided attention of the angels, unconditional backing and support, and thorough protection. They don’t want you to experience helplessness under any circumstances. They support your every move and are excited to see your progress in the future.
(book serpent of light)
Decision: you must make a decision, which will take you to one of these two options 1 – if it takes you to 666 it means that you must repeat it in some other way, 2 – if it takes you to 999 it means the culmination and that you have learned your lesson.

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444 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

This is a number of which we do not find too many coincidences, again the presence of angels, the angels giving sustenance, even signs from beyond, calls for attention from the angels or times of manifestation have nothing that unites them in particular. But again Drunvalo’s interpretation could embrace everyone, because if it is a call to study, to investigate to know more, then the reason for such varied interpretations could be explained since the topics on which we are invited to pay attention by studying them are infinite.

SOURCE Their 444 Interpretation
Willow soul Multiple meanings: angels are supporting your life journey, your departed loved one is sending you a sign, you are on the spiritual awakening path, time to create a strong spiritual foundation, plan seeds to your future, strengthen your relationships.
askangels Angels are there. Pay attention to signals illustrating that there are indeed angels in your presence. Angelic realms are supporting you
karisamuels If you see this angel number, your dreams, ideas, and visions are being manifest into reality. You are building the foundation for your dreams that will also benefit those in your family as well as future generations.
numerology nation a wake-up call for you in life and it signifies ambition, passion, stability, balance, security, responsibility, and practicality among others. 444 usually appears in the life of single people. This reassuring sign from the angels pops up when they want you to have faith in finding love.
(book serpent of light)
Mystery school: what is happening in life is a lesson to learn about reality. In this school it is about learning literally by reading books, taking a course, studying a topic, etc., not doing

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555 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

Regarding this number, four out of five sources agree that the interpretation is that there are strong signs of changes, however, pay attention to the clues that are given about the nature of these changes since it is mentioned that either these are to bring us closer to our life purpose or because we have been aligned with our inner truth and then life is rearranged as a reward. It is then that we can see how, behind all these, could be the unity consciousness that Drunvalo mentions, it is as if that consciousness is pushing the changes.

SOURCE Their 555 Interpretation
Willow Soul You are in the process of Significant Change and new events in your life will be shown to you at divine timing as you’re been guided in your life purpose
askangels A clear sign from the angels that huge changes are unfolding or are about to unfold through all areas in your life.
karisamuels Change is happening faster than you can keep up with. You have been holding onto your routine and the familiar longer than is good for you. It’s time for some travel, adventure, socializing, and taking risks.
numerology nation A sign from the angels that you’re truly in sync with your true self. Since you have finally decided to be real with yourself, your path will change course for the better.
(book serpent of light)
Unity consciousness: is the number of someone who has obtained unity consciousness. He has mastered all levels of Mystery School. It is the highest number, it is the number of Christ.

666 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

This number is quite feared by all the myth that surrounds it related to its mention in the bible in the book of the Apocalypse, however, most sources agree that it is not that there is an external evil presence but that it is possible that we are the ones who should pay more attention and rebalance our lives. In a personal way, this number has warned me many times of some danger regarding the material world, either physical, emotional, or economic integrity, however, it must be recognized that it is not as simple as seeing the sign and make amends, although sometimes that was what is better, the inertia of material temptations can make it difficult.

I believe that if we see this number we can take it as that we are loved and the divine presence invites us to reconsider our decisions, in our hearts, we will know how we can be more prudent.

SOURCE Their 666 Interpretation
Willow soul There is an imbalance in your life and your thoughts are not aligned with the universe. You have to improve your thoughts, remember your true divine nature, transform to positive thinking
askangels A spiritual wake up call from the angels, probably you are focused only on material matters and have ignored your inner voice and spiritual path
karisamuels It represents too much focus on the material world rather than the spiritual. You are making choices out of fear and poverty mentality and working too hard as a result. You are a spiritual being and this is reminding you to pay attention to nourishing your body, mind, and emotions. Lighten up and focus on what’s truly meaningful in life.
numerology nation In numerology, seeing 666 is viewed as a favorable sign. The number 6 signifies peace, harmony, abundance, optimism, home, and health. It’s an indicator for you to get rid of your materialistic demands and instead focus on your spiritual needs.
(book serpent of light)
The consciousness of the Earth: In the bible, it is the number of the beast, so it can represent pure evil, but it is also the number of humanity and life. Carbon is the base of life and this element has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons. When we see this number it usually means that we must be alert to the physical events that occur at that moment and that we must be careful.

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777 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

All the sources agree this is about action, action action, you’re living the dream, everything is synchronicity.

SOURCE Their 777 Interpretation
Willow soul Positive angelic sign: your purpose flows from within you and everything that is showed to you is part of that purpose. You’re increasing your awareness, Perfect synchronicity, ready to practice new knowledge
askangels Divine magic, usually seen by those who are on the right track to manifest their dreams and goals into reality. Luck and magic and you are listening to the divine and your inner guide.
karisamuels You’ve spent a lot of time in self-reflection and possibly even spiritual study. You know what you want and what is true to your soul. Now it’s time to go out into the world and create heaven on earth. You need to express your insights and intuitions outwardly.
numerology nation 777 brings with it the promise of new love. If you’re already in a relationship, know that 777 promises expansion and growth in your relationship. This could be translated to either growth in the number of family members or the birth of a child.
(book serpent of light)
The mystery school: This is the part where you are not only reading books about life but you are putting them into practice.

888 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

Interpretations of this number agree that it is an alignment towards prosperity, however and as Kary Samuels mentions, that can imply a bit of chaos that in the end, in the great painting of life, will bring us a new level of wisdom and abundance. In this sense, it may not be a coincidence that Drunvalo mentions that this number would be associated with the culmination of a particular life lesson and perhaps that is why these realignments that other sources mention are manifested.

SOURCE Their 888 Interpretation
 Willow Soul multiple meanings: you have knowledge or wisdom to share, you receive only what you are ready to receive. you have an abundance mindset and attract opportunities, the flow of abundance
askangels Be ready for changes to unfold, knowing that ultimately they are aligning you with increased prosperity in abundance. When you embrace the changes they will positively improve your life.
karisamuels You’ve really been challenged and put to the test. There might have been big gains as well as big losses. You are being reminded that what goes up also comes down and vice-versa. You are riding a cycle of infinite change and abundance. Believe in yourself and keep the big picture in your mind. Don’t take on more than you can handle.
numerology nation It’s the number of Jesus because His name in Gematria, which is an Assyro-Babylonian code system, is represented by the number 888. It’s lucky because the meaning of 888 has a lot to do with the belief that you’ll make progress and attain success. It’s one of the angel numbers that bring people optimism in the face of discouragement.
(book serpent of light)
The culmination of a concrete lesson in the school of the mystery of life.

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999 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

It is evident here the coincidence in the interpretation that this number is about an end of a long cycle of events that has been reached, the ties are released and like everything that ends, the cycle needs to be honored by giving the appropriate goodbye, perhaps thanking, forgiving or letting go is necessary as part of this culmination.

SOURCE Their 999 Interpretation
Willow soul Time to release the past, learn from old issues, forgive yourself and others and start the process of healing, make a transition for new beginnings, the universe has a better plan for you, forgive to change, service to something bigger.
askangels A sign that you are a lightworker and that it’s time to take steps to live in alignment with your authentic soul purpose.
karisamuels The end of a long karmic cycle and a chapter in your life. You might feel like you need to let go of things and people more quickly than you are comfortable with. You’ve learned your lessons and now it is time for you to move on and share your experiences with others.
numerology nation Angels are suggesting you tie up loose ends as it appears that a phase in your life is coming to an end.

Remain positive as every ending has a new beginning. Additionally, understand that every ending also leaves behind lessons to be learned, which can only bode well for you.

(book serpent of light)
The culmination of a particular cycle of events.

000 Angel Number Meaning Comparison

Zero is zero and it is obvious that it represents the absence of value and that is why most sources represent it that way, however, there are two that perhaps, with the aspiration to give content to the curious have given it a very generic meaning as that you are in connection with the creator or that your energy influences what you are creating, which in reality are universal truths that would not necessarily have to intensify with the presence of this number. In my opinion, I am fine with the interpretation of no value.

SOURCE Their 000 Interpretation
Willow soul You are one with the infinite creator, in tune with your higher self, better connection with the universe, what you put into the universe comes back to you, new beginnings
askangels Your energy in every moment has an impact in what you are creating. Stay positive and focus in what you want, elevate your vibration and link it with the divine and the angels and everything is possible.
karisamuels none
numerology nation none
(book serpent of light)
No value.

In conclusion, I think that there is some kind of synchronicity when these numbers are presented in a recurring way and that it is a form in which the universe may be trying to get our attention to guide us or give us a particular message. However, each head is a world, therefore the specific details of the interpretation already depend on who is receiving these signals. This comparison was very interesting to make and it also seems to me that it leaves us a more comprehensive interpretation (given the coincidences and complements) of what these numbers can really mean in our lives.

With Love,

Stela Ahau


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