3 Ways to remember your past lives

3 Ways to remember your past lives

Im going to share with you three ways that you can connect to your past or even your future lives. Now many of us have had these experiences throughout our lives that almost seemed like unexplained phenomena, we sometimes get these insights or maybe vivid dreams or maybe this sense that we ve been somewhere before or we ve seen something before or met someone before.

In this post, I m going to share with you three keys that you can investigate in your own life to make connections on who you have been or where you have been or where you are currently headed right now.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

One: Places

When you feel drawn to a very specific geographical location that is a clear indicator that you have a lifetime based in that location this is especially true if you have not been there before if you ve never visited or if you haven t been born or if you have visited or felt drawn there on your own.

Now you could have also been born there and have been born there previously but it s a very strong indicator that this is a parallel life situation if for example you feel very very very drawn to some other location, let me give you an example I love Japan I love Japanese decor, I love Japanese style, Japanese food and I ve never been to Japan as of making this post, but I know for certain that I was at least once a Japanese man. 

So in the same way for you investigate in your life what kind of places what kind of decor have you felt drawn to and that will give you a very strong image of places or regions you ve been born to before, this is especially true if you’ve been drawn to Native American stuff as well.

Two: Persons

If you meet a certain person now sometimes when you meet a  person and especially for the first time you feel as though you ve known them like all your life or maybe even more and it s almost unexplainable we sometimes call it the special spark and it s not always romantic, you can sometimes you know experience that completely platonically, but you just know you’ve met this person before.

This is an indication that you have connected in parallel lives and that you are connected on more levels than just one, so anytime you meet someone like that take a moment you know really acknowledge, I know we know each other on a deeper level I know I know you and if you can give yourselves some spaces just sit together and just enjoy each other’s company you might be surprised at what comes up.

Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Hew Len about the Basis of Ho’oponopono

Three: Dreams

Dreams or vivid imagination imagery so sometimes when we re sleeping we get vivid dreams and it almost you know seems super real and sometimes it can be of places on earth we ve seen but sometimes it can seem like it is in this other land altogether.

And when you have dreams like that, especially if they are significantly vivid even if you don t remember them clearly but you just remember you had this really vivid dream that is a reflection of you connecting to a parallel life. Now the more you can remember that the more it can share with you reflections of what you were remembering of that time and situation, now of course sometimes dreams are more metaphorical because sometimes dreams are higher dimensional explorations so if a dream seems super confusing try not to think of it so much with your head but read it with your heart.

Now we hope that these three indicators of past or future or rather as I call them parallel lives have been useful, I want to remind you that parallel lives are very fun to explore but know that the current life you have right now has every you need to be the person you are I encourage you to have fun and explore whatever excites you and inspires you because that is always leading you to whatever it is your heart most wants to express.

It has been so fun connecting with you on this post if you have found this enjoyable or liked it please give it a like please share it and of course, subscribe and comment I love connecting with you and hearing from you and if you want to explore more topics like this I encourage you to visit this website again and remember you are right where you need to be.

How to Uncover Your Past Lives

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