3 Steps to Heal with the Law Of Attraction

law of attraction healing

The reason for an illness is always connected to your vibration. I’m gonna tell you how to release those illnesses in this post, I’m, going to be talking to you about how to heal your body of illnesses or issues using the law of attraction.

What is an illness according to LOA?

So, firstly, what is illness? an illness or a problem in your body is simply a temporary indicator of your vibration of your frequency and your point of Attraction, and this is actually helpful because your body is letting you know what you’re doing with your focus, and then you can choose to change your focus, change your vibration, which will heal the condition and also change your life, so how to heal an illness or an issue in your body?

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Step 1 LOA healing

The first step is to make peace with it. You don’t want to push against the problem. You don’t want to make a big deal about it. You want to play it down as much as possible. It is what it is and you are where you are, and that is okay, feel compassion for your body, feel compassion for your cells and what they do and just let it be.

You want to take away any anger, any frustration away from this situation. You don’t want to think of it as a big problem. You want to think of it, as this is a temporary indicator that my body is showing me.

It’s okay to be where you are and when you accept that you release resistance, and then you’re on your way to improvement.

Qigong for Healing

Step 2 LOA healing

Ignore the condition as much as possible. So when your body has an issue that’s easy to see, maybe there’s a lot of pain associated with it or sickness.

It can be a challenge to take your attention away from it. Usually, you will find yourself focusing on it or talking to other people about it, but really you do have the ability to take attention away from it, and you can do it more than you think you can.

You have to remember that what you focus on is what grows, and you do have the ability to focus on other things to distract yourself, and it really is a determination that you need to practice. Obviously, this doesn’t count for emergency situations or, if you’re, really really ill and need to be in the hospital.

Don’t ignore it at the moment, but I mean when it’s a nagging kind of annoying thing, maybe a chronic thing, chronic pain, or a sickness that you’re dealing with, you need to practice putting your attention elsewhere, the more attention you give to your illness, the harder it is to let it go, and this also goes for taking score when, when you start using the law of attraction or when you’re using a product or whatever it is, if you take score too soon, and you try to look for improvement and you don’t see it or feel it yet, and then you feel bad or you feel like this isn’t working, and then you focus again on the problem you then again block the improvement because sometimes the changes first happening on an energetic level and then the change is happening on a cellular level and you have already changed on a cellular level possibly.

But as you look for the evidence right now too soon before you can see it or maybe feel it, then you stop any progress from happening. Try as much as you can to focus on other subjects. Instead, you know when the thought comes up.

Do your best to focus else way if you need to take pain, relief or you need to take some action, do that and then put your attention elsewhere? When you take your focus away from the problem, you allow the problem to dissipate.

Qigong exercises healing Daisy Lee

Step 3 LOA Healing

This last step is practice: a high vibration, since the root of everything is vibration is energy? Is frequency then, really? That is what you need to do. You need to change your vibration. You need to change your frequency and practice it through the emotions of love and joy and ease all those good feeling, high-flying emotions.

You are allowing yourselves to receive the well-being from the universe, the well-being there’s, always flowing toward you. You allow yourself to receive it and you can heal your body and not only is practicing a higher vibration, something that’s going to heal your body all on its own.

It might lead you to another solution. It might lead you to a doctor, a procedure, a product or medicine, don’t disregard that be open to how the solution may come, so practice. The high vibration practice that high-flying frequency and then see how the solution comes to in whatever way that maybe the vibration of love, the vibration of appreciation of clarity, all those good feeling, emotions attract solution.

So really that’s the one thing you need to be focusing on so try to distract yourself from the illness as much as possible and do whatever you can to get to that higher frequency. Next time you’re sick, even from a cold or a flu, make sure you put all your time and effort into feeling better emotionally into feeling better mentally.

You really have to take care of yourself. People say, rest lie down, drink fluids and, of course, do that, but also you have to put your focus on relaxing your mind and soothing your emotions, make yourself laugh, etc. focus on things that make you happy and joyful and inspired.

That is the fastest way to any healing. These are the three basic steps that I have really found have helped me heal from so many different illnesses, whether they’re, very temporary or whether they’re chronic.

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